Former Prime Minister Nguyen Ba Can: Moving The Republic of Vietnam to get back Paracel and Spratly Islands

Former Prime Minister Nguyen Ba Can: Campaign to restore South Vietnam to get Paracel and Spratly Islands.
Pictures in the meeting of former officials of the Republic of Vietnam. 
ORANGE COUNTY (Viet Bao) – Lieutenant General Ly Tong Ba, President of the Republic of Vietnam Foundation has hosted Mr. Nguyen Ba Can, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vietnam, to meet Vietnamese media in Little Saigon, at the headquarters of the Republic of Vietnam Foundation from 5:30 pm December 4, 2008. The British and Canadian Foreign Offices have responded positively that the two archipelagos as belonging to the Republic of Vietnam.
This is a press conference so there are no outsiders, except the invitees.

The number of former officers of the South Vietnamese government in the region, such as Senator Le Chau Loc, Deputy Minister of Education Nguyen Thanh Liem, Supervisor Viep Van Ty, Judge Pham Dinh Hung, former representatives Pham Ngoc Hop, Bui Van Nhan, Nguyen Huu Thoi and some other people such as Mr. Chau Van De, Mr. Nguyen Tan Lac, Buddhist Thai Hoa, Hoa Hao Tran Ngoc Chau, Pham Hien and more than 30 private guests are present.
Most journalists, Radio and TV Vietnamese news reporters, who follow the situation of the fight for freedom, democracy, human rights in Vietnam such as journalist Nguyen Huy (Nguoi Viet newspaper), Anh Thanh (Vien Dong newspaper), Thanh Huy ( Viet Bao Newspaper), Diem Chi, Viet Weekly Magazine, Little Saigon Magazine, SBTN, Little Saigon TV, VieTVUSA, Mr. Bui Binh Ban, attended the meeting room of the Republic of Vietnam Foundation, many the people had to stand.
After the rituals of saluting the national flag of the Republic of Vietnam, commemorating the compatriots who died for the Fatherland, former Prime Minister Nguyen Ba Can presented some major events. Vietnam is facing a state of extinction under the invasion of China. Along with the movements against the Hanoi communist regime, who sold lands and sea to the Chinese, and the most prominent event was the Chinese appropriating the two archipelagos of Paracel and Spratly as China’s districts. As the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Ba Can convened a conference on the restoration of the institution of the Republic of Vietnam. The Geneva Agreement and Paris Agreement have provided conditions that can be applied. Former Prime Minister Nguyen Ba Can and his advisers sent a letter to the United Nations and other signatories to the Paris Accords. Initial response was favorable. The British Foreign Office and Canada have responded. He showed a letter by the British government that was sent to the “Prime Minister of the Republic of Vietnam” but asked not to give a copy to the media for the reason that “the diplomatic correspondence was still in delicate negotiation.” He described that this is a “favorable reaction” only.
His next task wtih the General Staff is to establish three advocacy centers. America, Europe and Australia for advocacy. Canada is very favorable in his opinion. And the United States is the nation that has convened the Paris conference with the communist Hanoi. Hanoi will naturally fight back because they were the main offenders who breached the Paris Agreement, and who has without authorization ceded the two archipelagos Paracel and Spratly to China. The United States depends on trade and relations between Washington and Hanoi and Beijing with regard to Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia.
But hopefully six other countries can move. Polish and Hungarian had many bad experiences with communism, so they are very anti-Communist, British and French are both favorable. In Indonesia, Australia is very influential. Former Prime Minister Nguyen Ba Can said that we must combine our territorial efforts with the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights in Vietnam.